James W. Evatt

James W. Evatt - COO, On Staff Consultant


James W. Evatt was named vice president and general manager of Missile Defense Systems for Boeing Integrated Defense Systems in June 2001. Missile Defense Systems combines the current Ground- based Midcourse Defense program with the Airborne Laser, Advanced Tactical Laser programs. MDS also includes the Air and Missile Defense and the Laser & Electro Optical Systems organizations. Evatt is also Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Missile Defense National Team Systems Engineering and Integration program. MDNTS will define the system architecture and requirements for the multi- layered ballistic missile defense system. Prior to his current position, Evatt was president of Information and Communication Systems and before that, executive vice president for business development of the Boeing Defense and Space Group. Earlier, he held a series of positions of increasing responsibility in this group, including vice president of Marketing and Strategic Analysis and director of Strategic Analysis/Advanced Development. Before his group-level assignments at Boeing, Evatt was program manager for the Grumman/Boeing/Lockheed AX fighter aircraft team at the Military Airplanes Division, where he was responsible for managing all aspects of the Boeing AX effort. He served as director of business development for the Military Airplanes Division, Seattle; director of advanced product development for Boeing Military Airplanes, Wichita; and director of preliminary design, also in Wichita. Mr. Evatt spent 22 years in government service before joining Boeing in 1987. During his government career, his experience included research and development, and associated applications programs, with considerable involvement in reduced signature technology development. In his last government assignment, Evatt was in the dual jobs of director of special programs, DCS Research, Development and Acquisition; and director of low observable technology for the Department of Defense. He was responsible for identifying and defining operational capabilities and characteristics for new military systems, subsystems and modifications. From 1983 to 1985, Evatt was commander of the 2nd Bombardment Wing, the Strategic Air Command's largest operational unit, consisting of B-52, KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft. That assignment followed his first tour of duty in the Pentagon, where he was the special assistant for B- 1B, DCS Research, Development and Acquisition. From 1965 to 1980, Evatt held a variety of assignments as a pilot in both the Strategic and Tactical Air Commands, including duties with the B-1 Joint Test Force, participating in test planning and flight tests of the B-1A aircraft. Mr. Evatt is a past member of the Defense Science Board, and remains a member of the Air Force Association Science and Technology Committee and The President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, with a degree in general engineering. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology.


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